Brexit – start of the most tumultuous week yet

15 maart 2019

In case the negotiated withdrawal agreement is approved by the British Parliament this week, the EU grants the UK an extension of Article 50 until 22 May 2019. In case it is not accepted, the UK gets an extension until 12 April 2019 to work out an alternative Brexit plan.

This means that this week will be crucial for the UK and it leaves all options still open (leaving the EU with a small or a long extension, leaving the EU without a deal, cancelling Brexit, renegotiating the deal, holding a new referendum or new elections).

Therefore the UK started today already with debates about indicative votes, i.e. Brexit alternatives, which will play a large role later this week.

Are you curious to find out how this story can enfold? Then certainly have a look at our short movie below in which we briefly present the new developments and the upcoming steps, this week and beyond…