Optimising customs formalities

For whom? For every company that wants to improve its customs formalities. And wants to know which licenses provide the most competitive advantage. With the aim of cutting customs costs.


Customs formalities are becoming more complex. The rules of the game are changing. Among other things, Brexit increases the amount of paperwork. The next challenge is 2020: by then a large part of your processes must be digitised. You will therefore have to invest more time in all customs related matters.

The correct licenses are part of the solution to get smoother customs formalities. But here too the rules have changed. As a result, it is not always clear what benefits licenses can provide you in exchange for the time and money that you invest.

The solution

We help to improve and digitise your existing processes. And/or set up new processes. We help you to identify which licenses are beneficial for you. Which licenses really add value for your specific activities? What does it deliver concretely? And how does the application process for the different licenses work?

We help you to seize the right opportunities for your customs formalities. And thus save time and money.

Cut your costs, increase your profit

Customs formalities: our approach

Your current state?

First we map the current situation of your customs formalities. Among others, the following questions are covered:

  • Who is doing what within your team?
  • Which processes are running?
  • How are those processes organised?
  • What licenses do your currently hold?
  • How far are you in the digitisation of your activities?
  • Is an AEO-Authorisation valuable for your company?

How do we do it?

We present our findings: where does your company stand today and what does your optimisation process look like? Which processes should be handled next? Which license has priority? What do you expect from us, what do you intend to do yourself? This in order to give insight about time and costs for every possible step.


Depending on the selected approach, we provide you with the right solutions. They consist of one or more pieces of the puzzle.


Being an AEO authorised company offers three concrete advantages: time savings, better customs processes and optimal secured supply chain.

Would it be interesting for me?

How do the pieces fit together?

How do the pieces fit together?

We provide you with everything you need in order to optimise your customs processes. The solution is tailor-made for every company. Are you curious to know what the priorities are for your company?

Our Belgian customers can receive a government grant of up to 50% of the total investment made for optimising their customs activities.