Customs Training

By optimizing your import duties and other customs related costs, you will avoid unnecessary work. And as a result you will improve your competitive advantage. The courses in our Customs Competence Center help you to reach those goals.

Our courses are adapted to the new customs legislation and are compliant to the EU Customs Competency Framework & Training Curriculum for the private sector of the European Commission.

Customs training for different knowledge levels

Our customs trainings are split up for different knowledge levels:

  • Initiation: for people who would like a general overview of the material;
  • Foundation: for people with basic knowledge and have some experience performing customs related tasks;
  • Advanced: for people who are strategically involved in the company;
  • Expert: For people who would like to know everything about a specific subject.

Our customs training

  • Initiatie
  • Basis
  • Gevorderd
  • Expert
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Our trainers

Our accredited and certified experts have years of experience both practically and academically in customs. Our courses are therefore completely up to date and packed with examples.

Our place or yours?

Or you join us in one of our open calendar courses. Or we can provide your company with a tailor-made training suited to the needs of your company on a location of your choice.

Would you like to know more about a tailor-made solution?

Together we shape your customs business

  • Customs Strategy

    Together we set out a strategy that makes the most out of every aspect of your customs activities. For today, tomorrow and in the far future. From taxes all the way to processes, from going digital to acquiring licenses.

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  • AEO Authorisation

    Being an AEO authorised company offers three concrete advantages: time savings, better customs processes and optimal secured supply chain. We can support you in every step of the application process for your AEO authorization.

    Help me become an Authorised Economic Operator
  • Customs Advice

    You have a specific customs related question. About the import taxes of a certain good. The legal restrictions of a new activity. The classification of your goods. Or if a certain license is worth your time and money.

    Your question, our expertise