About us

The odds are high that you consider your customs activities as a burden, and if that’s not the case your supervisor might.

We at nControl have a different view on this.

Of course your customs activities have to be precise and correct. Of course you must have the necessary licenses. And of course we can help you with that

We are firmly convinced that customs is one of the key factors to the success story of your company.

Turning theory into practice

Our team consists of subject matter experts, each with their own specialization. In this way we have a ready-made answer for all your questions. As an adviser to the European Commission, we are aware of all important decisions.

In this way we can align your activities and formalities with the reality of every day and prepare your company for what is coming.

We support you in turning theory into practice. We advise you on the best possible action plan, and we also assist you in implementing that plan. From small optimizations to comprehensive transition projects. And for this we rely on our extensive experience in change management.

The all-round customs partner

The combination of our knowledge of the current legislation, our insight into the future and our practical approach makes us the ideal partner for all your customs activities.