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Customs Strategy

  • Make my customs activities Brexit-Proof

    The Brexit will most likely introduce certain customs formalities when importing from or exporting to the UK. If you don’t comply with the new rules, your goods will not get through customs.

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  • Optimise my customs activities

    With the right licenses and know how regarding your customs processes you can save time and money. We analyse which activities and processes can be more efficient. And help you implement the changes needed, quick and easy.

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  • Create a customs strategy that is future proof

    Although customs formalities are mandatory, the right eye can spot numerous opportunities. We can help you to leverage these opportunities by guiding you in the decision making processes for your administration, production, logistics, procurement, etc.

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  • Customs Strategy

    Together we set out a strategy that makes the most out of every aspect of your customs activities. For today, tomorrow and in the far future. From taxes all the way to processes, from going digital to acquiring licenses.

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  • Customs Training

    The courses from our Customs Competence Center help you to either start or improve certain aspects of your customs activities: applying licenses, following up complex cases, implementing customs processes, …

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  • AEO Authorisation

    Being an AEO authorised company offers three concrete advantages: time savings, better customs processes and optimal secured supply chain. We can support you in every step of the application process for your AEO authorization.

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  • Customs Advice

    You have a specific customs related question. About the import taxes of a certain good. The legal restrictions of a new activity. The classification of your goods. Or if a certain license is worth your time and money.

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About nControl

We know all there is the know about customs processes. We helped shaping the European customs environment as an advisor since 1998. As your partner in customs strategy, we help you to translate the theory into practice. The result is a clear approach, better processes and less paperwork for your business. Which means saving both time and money.

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The right customs strategy can make you money and save you time.